About Us

Welcome to Vimal Agro – your trusted source of pure and quality dairy products! Established in 2017, our journey began with collecting fresh milk directly from local farmers. Drawing from years of hands-on experience in handling milk, we made the conscious decision to elevate our commitment by venturing into manufacturing a diverse range of products.

Situated in Lokhandi Sawargaon, Ambajogai Taluka, Beed District, our state-of-the-art dairy plant is dedicated to delivering goodness to your doorstep. Our automated plant boasts a remarkable capacity of 50,000 litres per day, ensuring a steady supply of fresh and nutritious dairy delights.

At Vimal Agro, we take pride in our diverse range of products, including Milk, Dahi, Lassi, Buttermilk, Paneer, Kulfi, Ghee, Pedha, Shrikand, & Amrakhand. We believe in quality, and our commitment to excellence is evident in our world-renowned machinery that sets industry standards, ensuring the highest quality products crafted with care and precision.

Introducing Gramilk, the brand name of our dairy products. ‘Gram’ signifies rural, representing our strong connection to local communities, while ‘milk’ speaks for itself. Immerse yourself in the heart of our operation, spanning a 3-acre campus with a meticulously constructed 15,000 sqft shed.



Our vision is to guarantee consumer satisfaction through the consistent delivery of quality of quality and value simultaneously, we aim to empower our farmers fostering self-dependence happiness among them.


Our Mission is to empower farmers to efficiently produce premium dairy products, establishing ourselves as a cherished brand for consumers, envied by competitors, and valued by shareholders.


We adhere to the core values of farmer-centric commitment, quality assurance, community paternship, integrity,and innovation in all our undertakings. We aim ofr exceptional customer service in every aspect of our operations.

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