Why Gramilk

Hygienic Process

Every day, we deliver the freshest milk to your doorstep, prioritizing hygiene at every step. Our stringent cold chain process ensures freshness and prevents bacterial growth from the moment the milk is collected until it reaches your home. At our plant, we adhere strictly to dairy standards to guarantee that your milk is fresh and safe. From milking to packaging, every step is conducted with meticulous hygiene practices. Our commitment to quality extends to our newly introduced Coffee & Tea products, receiving the same level of attention and care

Healthy Milking

We're a dynamic team dedicated to sourcing milk directly from farmers, predominantly from free-range cows roaming vast open lands in rural areas. Emphasizing quality, we advocate for farmers to provide organic fodder to ensure top-notch milk production. Our cows thrive without the use of antibiotics, enjoying a natural lifestyle in their free-range habitat. They receive essential nutrition to maintain their health, resulting in milk that's not only healthy but also delicious.

Promise of Purity

We guarantee that our milk is completely free any form of adulteration through rigorous quality checks. Our primary goal is to provide you with pure, unadulterated milk. With our team overseeing every aspect of cow care, milking, packaging, and delivery, we ensure the integrity of our product from start to finish. Likewise, our Coffee & Tea products undergo meticulous procurement and packaging processes to eliminate possibility of adulteration.

Our Vision

Crafted from the purest pastures, Our dairy brand embraces tradition while delivering unparalleled quantity. Every drop of milk embodies our commitment to heritage and excellence. Our vision extends beyond providing nourishment. It encompasses fostering a deeper connection to our roots, Empowering generations to savor the essence of tradition in every bite and sip.

Our Mission

Our commitment to quantity ensures that each product retains the essence of tradition, nurturing generations of families with the goodness of farm-fresh milk and milk products. with innovation rooted in tradition, we seek to be a symbol of trust, bringing the warmth of tradition into every household. Join us in savoring the timeless taste of tradition, made with care and commitment in each dairy delicacy we provide.

Our Journey


Where Tradition Meet Innovation

Vimal Agro is a farm-to-table company that promises 100% chemical preservative-free milk and dairy products, within 12 to 24 hours of milking. The company prides itself on steering the industry towards higher standards of quality, freshness, and transparency!

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